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    Rancho Camilo Romero is a family ranch that has being owned by our family for the last 140 years.

    Settled over a cliff, we have wonderful views of mexican countryside landscapes.

    The ranch has 250 acres/ 100 hectares where our horses live, but is also surrounded by thousands more with pristine plains, mountains and cliffs where you can ride for an unforgettable experience.

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    For a perfect Horseback Riding Vacations in Mexico

    horseback riding vacations mexico - horse riding


    Know our packages, we have many tours with different landscapes and durations. Select and enjoy!


    horseback riding vacations mexico - Exciting Tours


    Discover the beauty of Mexico by visiting its villages, knowing a little of its history and traditions


    horseback riding vacations mexico - Traditional Mexican Food

    Traditional Mexican Food

    Enjoy dishes cooked with the finest local ingredients and served in the traditional family style


    horseback riding vacations mexico - Other activities


    We have many options for you to decide how you want to enjoy your day, just let us know your preferences!


    Steps for booking with us for great horseback riding holidays

    Rancho Camilo Romero, has been renewed without losing the original feeling of their ancestors, the love of the countryside, animals and Mexican traditions.

    This place opened its doors to share its spaces, unforgettable sunsets within a natural environment.

    Why choose us?

    Choose your package

    Choose your tourist operator

    Start the adventure

    Know our beautiful horses!

    We respect the life of our horses,
    they are very important to us.

    We believe that the best way a horse could live is on freedom.
    They learn to socialize, to be real horses and that is why when they are not at work, they can live free all around the ranch in a different section. The herd is able to eat all day long, walk, run or swim.

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      Our Prices

      Full Horseback Riding Vacations

      $2330.00 USD
      8 days, 7 nights full horseback riding.
      Full board 
      All inclusive
      National alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks
      Ground transportation

      Horseback Riding Holidays & Tour

      $2560.00 USD
      8 days,  7 nights. 5 days horseback riding and 2 days for cultural visit.
      Full board 
      All inclusive
      National alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks
      Ground transportation

      Horse Riding
      a la Carta

      To define
      min. two people
      As a group, you plan the next adventure. Let us know what is your dream and we will do our best to make it happen
      Our rooms…
      Rancho Camilo Romero - The White Room
      The White Room

      king size bed
      Rancho Camilo Romero - The Blue Room
      The Blue Room

      Double with single beds
      Rancho Camilo Romero - The Cabin
      The Cabin

      Double with double beds